That Thing You Do!
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  • Rated: PG
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Musical
  • Year: 1996
English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1, Spanish Surround Dolby Digital 2.0, French Dolby Digital 5.1
English SDH, Spanish
That Thing You Do Director's Cut
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  • Rated: PG
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Musical
  • Year: 1996
English: DTS 5.1 & Dolby Digital 5.1 / Spanish & French: Dolby Surround
English, French & Spanish / Subtitled


Tom Hanks writes, directs and co-stars in this refreshing, big-hearted comedy that captures the overnight triumph of an American rock band during the glory days of rock and roll.

Disc Information

Disc 1:
**Theatrical Feature
**Director's Cut
**Commentary by Tom EverettScott, Jonathon Schaech, Steve Zahn, Ethan Embry & Liv Tyler

Disc 2:
*The Story Of The Wonders

*The Wonders - Big In Japan!

**HBO First Look: The Making of THAT THING YOU DO!
**THAT THING YOU DO! Title Song Submissions
**Josh Clayton - "Feel Alright" Video
**Trailers & TV Spots

Cast & Crew

Tom Everett Scott ... Guy Patterson
Liv Tyler ... Faye Dolan
Johnathon Schaech ... Jimmy
Charlize Theron ... Tina
Steve Zahn ... Lenny
Ethan Embry ... The Bass Player
Tom Hanks ... Mr. White


Jonathan Rosenbaum Chicago Reader | December 17, 2007

Though Hanks keeps the satirical and critical aspects of this look at show biz fairly light, there's a lot of conviction and savvy behind the steadiness of his gaze.

Desson Thomson Washington Post | December 17, 2007

First-time writer/director Tom Hanks stays about a half-beat ahead of the cliches with rim shots of boyish enthusiasm and deft comedy. The movie's also buoyed by the title song, whose Beatles sound is infectious enough to merit a real hit.

Emanuel Levy Variety | January 03, 2007

A sweet, likeable tale of the quick rise to fame and then demise of a small town band. Set in 1964, Hanks' film offers a sanitized, Gump-ish look at a mythical period when boys were boys and girls were girls, with no references to the sex-drug subculture

Janet Maslin New York Times | May 20, 2003

Mr. Hanks's debut feature, written and directed with delightful good cheer, is rock-and-roll nostalgia presented as pure fizz.

Richard Harrington Washington Post | November 16, 2001

Though Hanks doesn't serve up much context, he's solid with details, and the Wonders' performances ring truer than most.

Peter Travers Rolling Stone | May 12, 2001

...a brightly entertaining blend of humor and heartbreak about four fresh-faced guys in a band from Erie, Pa.


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