John Wayne Film Collection
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A Hollywood legend like no other, ACADEMY AWARD® Winner John Wayne* remains a true American icon. On horseback in the Wild West or in battle on the front lines, “Duke” stands tall as the silver screen’s greatest hero. Gathered here on Blu-ray are seven of his most outstanding films and legendary performances, including The Comancheros and The Longest Day.

*1969, Actor, True Grit

Disc Information

Disc 1: The Big Trail Blu-ray
Disc 2: The Barbarian and the Geisha Blu-ray
Disc 3: The Horse Soldiers Blu-ray
Disc 4: North to Alaska Blu-ray
Disc 5: The Comancheros Blu-ray
Disc 6: The Longest Day Blu-ray
Disc 7: The Undefeated Blu-ray


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