The Shirley Temple Collection Volume 1
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  • Rated: G
English Stereo, English Mono, Spanish Mono* *Not Available on Heidi
English SDH, Spanish


Based on the classic, Shirley stars as an adorable orphan who transforms her gruff grandfather in the Alps into a loving man.

Curly Top
A charming tot plays matchmaker between her older sister and the kindly trustee of an orphanage.

Little Miss Broadway
Jimmy Durante co-stars in this musical gem about an orphan adopted by a kind hotel manager.

Captain January
A kind lighthouse keeper and an irrepressible orphan plot to outwit a mean truant officer.

Just Around the Corner
Plucky young Penny Hale sets out to win over a crotchety tycoon in order to help her dad.

Susannah of the Mounties
An adorable orphan negotiates peace between the Canadian Mounties and warring natives.

Disc Information

Disc 1: Heidi
Disc 2: Curly Top
Disc 3: Little Miss Broadway
Disc 4: Captain January
Disc 5: Just Around the Corner
Disc 6: Susannah of the Mounties


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