The Shirley Temple Collection Volume 2
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  • Rated: G
English Stereo, English Mono, Spanish Mono* *Not Available on Bright Eyes
English SDH, Spanish


Baby, Take a Bow
When a young girl’s dad is accused of stealing, the youngster becomes a most effective detective!

Bright Eyes
As the adored mascot for a group of aviators, little Shirley overcomes a custody battle!

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
Over the objections of her grumpy old aunt, a talented tyke seeks — and finds — stardom on the stage!

Young People
Shunned newcomers Wendy and her “show folk” parents win over their neighbors when disaster strikes.

When her adoptive parents are headed for divorce, a little orphan must work her magic to keep her family together.

Wee Willie Winkie
When little Priscilla travels to India, she charms everyone around her — even easing a local rebellion.

Disc Information

Disc 1: Baby, Take a Bow
Disc 2: Bright Eyes
Disc 3: Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
Disc 4: Young People
Disc 5: Stowaway
Disc 6: Wee Willie Winkie


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