The Shirley Temple Collection Volume 3
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  • Rated: G
English Stereo, English Mono, Spanish Mono*, French Mono** *Not Available on Dimples, The Little Colonel and The Littlest Rebel **Available Only on The Blue Bird
English SDH, Spanish


A tiny performer encourages her pickpocket grandfather (Frank Morgan) to go legit.

The Little Colonel
A tiny Southerner inspires her mom and estranged grandfather to reconcile.

The Littlest Rebel
Amidst the sorrow of the Civil War, an irrepressible tot gains an audience with President Lincoln himself!

The Blue Bird
In a rare departure from her bubbly screen persona, Shirley plays a spoiled li9le girl in search of true happiness.

The Little Princess
In this heart-tugging adaptation of a children’s classic, Shirley plays an orphan forced into servitude — until Queen Victoria steps in!

Stand up and Cheer!
Shirley stars as a charming li9le performer who spurs the depression-era “Secretary of Amusement” on to success!

Disc Information

Disc 1: Dimples
Disc 2: The Little Colonel
Disc 3: The Littlest Rebel
Disc 4: The Blue Bird
Disc 5: The Little Princess
Disc 6: Stand up and Cheer!


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