The Thomas Crown Affair
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  • Rated: R
  • Genre: Action, Romance, Adventure, Drama
  • Year: 1999
English Mono DTS-HD Master Audio, Spanish Mono, French Mono
English, French, Spanish


Starring Steve McQueen (The Great Escape) and Faye Dunaway (Network), this classic suspense thriller has all the dazzling personality of the intriguing crime it portrays. Debonair tycoon Thomas Crown (McQueen) masterminds a daring bank job simply for the thrill of the heist. But he meets his match when sexy investigator Vicky Anderson (Dunaway) takes the case. Playing a seductive game of cat and mouse, she tries to get her man by teasing him with the one thing he can’t own — her.

Disc Information

Theatrical Feature Blu-ray

**Audio Commentary by Director Norman Jewison
**Original Theatrical Trailer

Cast & Crew

Pierce Brosnan ... Thomas Crown
Rene Russo ... Catherine Banning
Denis Leary ... Detective Michael McCann
Ben Gazzara ... Andrew Wallace
Frankie Faison ... Detective Paretti
Fritz Weaver ... John Reynolds
Charles Keating ... Golchan


Janet Maslin New York Times | January 01, 2000

A guilty pleasure.

Michael Wilmington Chicago Tribune | January 01, 2000

Remade with lots of pizzazz but little wit or soul.

Robert Horton | January 01, 2000

A showcase for a showhorse leading lady!

Kenneth Turan Los Angeles Times | January 01, 2000

Russo's decade of sidekick-cupcake roles has never before given her the opportunity to create the kind of believable, engaging genre character she comes up with here.

Jeff Millar Houston Chronicle | January 01, 2000

Very sexy and very smart!

Owen Gleiberman Entertainment Weekly | January 01, 2000

In its sneaky and offhanded way, The Thomas Crown Affair is a tribute to the art of stealing beauty.


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