Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines
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  • Rated: PG
  • Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Action
  • Year: 1965


This extraordinary comic version of the historic 1910 London-to-Paris air race features the greatest aviators from around the world. They all come together when a stuffy, but very rich, newspaper publisher decides to sponsor an airplane race across the English Channel. Convinced it will give his newspaper worldwide publicity, the publisher offers 10,000 pounds to the winner. The escapades between the American, British, French, German, Italian and Japanese teams result in the most darling and hilarious in-flight acrobatic stunts ever caught on film. But the film's greatest triumph is the amazing re-creation of the vintage airplanes which did the actual flying.

Disc Information

-Feature video
-Director's Commentary
-Theatrical and teaser trailer
-Picture Galleries: Behind the scenes, VFX, Historical Aircraft and Storyboards

Cast & Crew

Stuart Whitman ... Orvil Newton
Sarah Miles ... Patricia Rawnsley
James Fox ... Richard Mays
Alberto Sordi ... Count Emilio Ponticelli
Robert Morley ... Lord Rawnsley
Gert Frobe ... Col. Manfred von Holstein
Jean-Pierre Cassel ... Pierre Dubois

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