Tony Rome
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  • Rated: Unrated
  • Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Drama
  • Year: 1967
English: Stereo / English, Spanish, & French: Mono
English, Spanish, & French / Subtitled


The beautiful daughter of a wealthy industrialist turns up drunk and unconscious in a hotel room. To avoid a scandal the hotel house detective hires his former partner, private detective Tony Rome, to sober her up and escort her home. The next day, the girl's diamond pin is mysteriously missing. Arriving back at his houseboat, Tony is greeted by a pair of thugs who knock him out and tear his boat apart, desperate to find the pin. Tony's problems are just beginning, When he gets to his office he's in for a grisly surprise. His ex-partner is waiting for him with a bullet through his head.

Disc Information

*Theatrical Trailer: Lady in Cement
*Fox Flix: Bandolero!, The Detective, Fantastic Voyage, Mother Juggs, Speed, & One Million Years B.C.

Cast & Crew

Frank Sinatra ... Tony Rome
Jill St. John ... Ann Archer
Richard Conte ... Dave Santini
Gena Rowlands ... Rita Neilson Kosterman
Simon Oakland ... Rudolph Kosterman
Jeffrey Lynn ... Adam Boyd
Lloyd Bochner ... Vic Rood

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