Troll in Central Park, A Family Icons
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  • Genre: Family, Animated
  • Year: 1994
Troll in Central Park, A
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  • Rated: G
  • Genre: Family, Animated
  • Year: 1994


Stanley is a kindhearted, popular troll who can reate flowers with a mere touch. When Gnorga, the mean-spirited Queen of the Kingdom of Trolls discovers Stanley's secret, however, she banishes him to a faraway place where she assumes nothing green can grow - New York City! Taking refuge in Central Park, Stanley befriends two young children, Gus and his baby sister Rosie. The three share wonderful adventures until Gnorga decides to let her mischief-making magic loose in the Big Apple. With its catchy songs, animation wizardy, and all-star voice cast, including award winners Dom DeLuise, Cloris Leachman, and Charles Nelson Reilly, A Troll in Central Park will make smiles bloom on faces of your entire family.

Cast & Crew

Dom DeLuise ... Stanley
Cloris Leachman ... Queen Gnorga
Philip Glasser ... Gus
Hayley Mills ... Hilary
Jonathan Pryce ... Alan
Charles Nelson Reilly ... King Llort
Tawny Sunshine Glover ... Rosie

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