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Move over James Bond, and step aside Austin Powers...there's an even groovier Superspy, and his name is Derek Flint! Starring screen icon James Coburn, the Flint series (Our Man Flint and In Like Flint) are "two of the more successful and endearing spy spoofs!" (The Onion A.V. Club) featuring hordes of gorgeous ladies, outlandish gadgets, nonstop action, and a wide variety of exotic, far-flung international locales! And as a special added bonus, making its long-awaited Home Entertainment debut...the riveting 1976 T.V. Movie: Our Man Flint: Dead On Target!

As the top-ranked super-agent for the Zonal Organization of World Intelligence Espionage (Z.O.W.I.E.) Derek Flint is always the first spy on the scene! Blessed with incredible skills (like the ability to stop and restart his own heart at will) and armed with an arsenal of high-tech gadgetry (including a custom-made lighter with 82 different functions...83, if you count lighting a cigar!) the fearless, dashing, and ultra-cool Flint has never met a woman he couldn't seduce, never met an enemy he couldn't vanquish, and most important of all, never broken a sweat...even while saving our planet from total destruction!

Disc Information

Disc 1:
**Our Man Flint- Widescreen Feature

*Commentary by Film Historians Eddie Friedfeld & Lee Pfeiffer
*Theatrical Trailer
*Fox Flix:
In Like Flint
Modesty Blaise

Disc 2:
**In Like Flint-Widescreen Feature

*Commentary by Eddie Friedfeld & Lee Pfeiffer
*Theatrical Trailer
*Fox Flix:
In Like Flint
Modesty Blaise

Disc 3:
**Special Features Disc includes:
*Dead On Target-TV Movie
*The Musician's Magician
*Future Perfect
*Spy School
*Spy Vogue
*Feminine Wiles
*In Like Flint - Puerto Rico Premiere
*A Gentleman's Game
*Spy Style (6:46)
*The Making of Bouillabaisse

*Screen Tests:
Gila Golan for Our Man Flint
James Coburn & Gila Golan for Our Man Flint
Deanna Lund for In Like Flint

The Chairman
The Quiller Memorandum
The Magus
Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls


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