Under The Same Moon (La Misma Luna)
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  • Rated: PG-13
  • Genre: Drama
  • Year: 2008
Spanish: Dolby Surround 5.1
Spanish / Subtitled


Even across thousands of miles, the special bond between a mother and son can never be broken. It gives hope to Carlitos, a scrappy nine-year-old boy whose mother, Rosario, has gone to America to build a better life for both of them. While Rosario struggles for a brighter future, fate forces Carlitos’ hand and he embarks on an extraordinary journey to find her. Critics and audiences alike have praised this inspirational and heartwarming tale of a mother’s devotion, a son’s courage and a love that knows no borders.

Disc Information

**The Making of La Misma Luna (In Spanish)
**La Misma Luna: Mural Documentary (In English)

**Trailer Farm
*My Sassy Girl

Cast & Crew

Adrian Alonso ... Carlos Reyes
Kate del Castillo ... Rosario
Eugenio Derbez ... Enrique
Maya Zapata ... Alicia
Carmen Salinas ... DoA?a Carmen
Dona Carmen
Do?a Carmen
Angelina Pelaez ... Benita Reyes
Gabriel Porras ... Paco


Jonathan F. Richards Film.com | April 13, 2008

It's a bit of a guilty pleasure, with its formulas and its sap, but if it can get Lou Dobbs reaching for that Kleenex, it will have done its job.

Roger Moore Orlando Sentinel | April 09, 2008

It's a warm drama that humanizes Americas current illegal immigration debate even as it sentimentally stacks the deck in favor of the undocumented.

Philip Marchand Toronto Star | April 04, 2008

The performances -- and the movie's sideways glance at the culture of illegal immigrants, including a funny song about Superman ('He has no social security and no green card') -- give the movie its nicely controlled vitality.

James Berardinelli ReelViews | April 04, 2008

The strong final third counterbalances the weaknesses of the first half.

Rene Rodriguez Miami Herald | April 04, 2008

An endearingly sweet fable about a hotly debated subject.

Ty Burr Boston Globe | April 04, 2008

Under the Same Moon (La Misma Luna) is the nightmare Lou Dobbs has when he goes to sleep at night.

Stephen Cole Globe and Mail | April 04, 2008

If Under the Same Moon is formula melodrama, the film is well acted and its lead character perceptively drawn.


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