Voyage To The Bottom of The Sea Season 3 Volume 2
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  • Rated: Unrated
  • Genre: Sci-Fi, Adventure, TV DVD
  • Year: 1966
English: Stereo / English, Spanish, & French: Mono
English, French & Spanish / Subtitled


Join the crew of the Seaview aboard their super high−tech submarine, where no mission is too dangerous and no threat is too deadly, be it enemy agents, mad scientists, deadly sea creatures, or impending nuclear disaster.

Disc Information

Episode Description:
Disc 1 Side A:
*The Brand Of The Beast
*The Creature
*Death From The Past
*The Heat Monster

Disc 1 Side B:
*The Fossil Men
*The Mermaid

Disc 2 Side A:
*The Mummy

Disc 2 Side B:
*No Escape From Death
*Doomsday Island

Disc 3 Side A:
*The Wax Men
*Deadly Cloud

Disc 3 Side B:
*Destroy Seaview!

*Episodic Photo Gallery
*Publicity Photos
*TV Merchandise

**David Hedison Interviews:
*Explosions on the Set
*His Argument with Irwin
*Richard's Experience on the Show
*Richard Basehart 1966 Interview (audio only)


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