Voyage To The Bottom of The Sea Volume 2
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  • Rated: Unrated
  • Genre: Sci-Fi, Adventure, TV DVD
  • Year: 1964
English: Stereo / English & Spanish: Mono


Admiral Nelson and Commander Crane are back in Volume Two of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Irwin Allen's thrilling, ground-breaking science-fiction adventure series!

Join the crew of the Seaview aboard their super high-tech submarine, where no mission is too dangerous and no threat is too deadly, be it enemy agents, mad scientists, deadly sea creatures, or impending nuclear disaster. Welcome aboard the Seaview. Destination: uncharted depths and unparalleled excitement. Permission to board granted!

Disc Information

Disk 1 Side A:
*The Last Battle
*The Invaders

Disk 1 Side B:
*The Indestructible Man
*The Buccaneer

Disk 2 Side A:
*The Human Computer
*The Saboteur
*Cradle of the Deep
*The Amphilbians

Disk 2 Side B:
*The Exile
*The Creature

Disk 3 Side A:
*The Enemies
*The Secret of the Loch
*The Condemned
*The Traitor

**Bonus Features:

Disk 3 Side B:
**Still Gallery (22 images)
**Blooper Reel

**David Hedison Interviews:
How He Got on the Show
The First Year
Richard Basehart
Blooper Reels


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