Shirley Temple: Wee Willie Winkie
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  • Rated: G
  • Genre: Drama, Adventure, Family
  • Year: 1937
English: Stereo / English & Spanish: Mono
English & Spanish / Subtitled


Taken by her mother (June Lang) to live in India a young girl (Temple) gradually wins the heart of her feisty grandfather (C. Aubrey Smith), a colonel at a British army outpost. Before long she captures the heart of his entire regiment as well as his chief enemy
(Ceasar Romeo), using her considerable charms to prevent a full scale war.

Disc Information

Disc 1 Side A:
**Widescreen Feature Film - Tinted Version
**Restoration Comaparison

Disc 1 Side B:
**Widescreen Feature Film - Black and White

Cast & Crew

Shirley Temple ... Priscilla Williams
Victor McLaglen ... Sgt. MacDuff
C. Aubrey Smith ... Col. Williams
June Lang ... Joyce Williams
Michael Whalen ... Lt. "Coppy" Brandes
Cesar Romero ... Khoda Khan
Constance Collier ... Mrs. Allardyce

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