White Shadow: Season 2
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  • Rated: Unrated
  • Genre: Drama, Sports, TV DVD
  • Year: 1979
English: Stereo
English / Subtitled


When professional basketball player Ken Reeves sustains a career-ending injury, he accepts a job as basketball coach at a Los Angeles inner-city high school. Now, in his second year at Carver High, he realizes he's become more than just a basketball coach. He's the person his players can turn to when things go wrong at home, or when things get tough out on the street. Clashes still arise highlighting the differences between the world Coach Reeves knows and the tough neighborhoods where his players live, but ultimately the bond between coach and player is strengthenedÄ—and the daily hardships they face become a true learning experience for all.

Disc Information

Disk 2 Side A:
**Commentary by Kevin Hooks, Byron Stewart, Erik Kilpatrick and Ira Augustain
**Commentary by Victor Lobl

Disk 3 Side B:
**The Shadow of Bruce Paltrow Special Feature

Disk 4 Side A:
**Commentary with Marc Rubin

Disk 4 Side B:
**Director's Debut Special Feature
**"A Series of Memories" Preview Special Feature

Episode Description:
Disk 1 Side A:
*On the Line
*Albert Hodges
*Cross-Town Hustle
*Sudden Death

Disk 1 Side B:
*A Silent Cheer
*No Place Like Home

Disk 2 Side A:
*Sliding By

Disk 2 Side B:
*Delores, Of Course
*A Christmas Present

Disk 3 Side A:
*Feeling No Pain
*Salami's Affair

Disk 3 Side B:
*The Stripper
*Gonna Fly Now

Disk 4 Side A:
*Out at Home
*The Russians are Coming
*The Hitter
*The Death of Me Yet

Disk 4 Side B:
*Coolidge Goes to Hollywood
*A Few Good Men


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