X-Files Mythology Volume 4: Super Soldiers
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  • Rated: Unrated
  • Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama, TV DVD
English, Spanish, & French: Dolby Surround
English, Spanish, & French / Subtitled


The Mythology is Chris Carter's visionary story arc of "The X-Files" comprised of 60 episodes from all nine seasons of the show. Now you can follow every government conspiracy, alien abduction, and hidden truth right from the beginning...

Disc Information

Bonus Features:
Disc 1:
**Deadalive Commentary with Frank Spotnitz
Disc 2:
**Vienen Commentary with Rod Hardy
Disc 4:
**"24" Season 5 Promo

Episode Description:
Disc 1:
*Per Manum
*This Is Not Happening
*Three Words

Disc 2:
*Nothing Important Happened Today

Disc 3:
*Nothing Important Happened Today II
*Trust No 1

Disc 4:
*The Truth
*Threads of the Mythology - Super Soldiers


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