Yentl Director's Extended Edition
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  • Rated: PG
  • Genre: Musical, Romance, Drama
  • Year: 1983
English: Dolby Surround, 5.1 Dolby Surround / Spanish: Mono / French: Stereo
English & French / Subtitled


Barbra Streisand stars in this beautifully portrayed story of a young independent woman who is forced to masquerade as a boy in order to pursue her love of knowledge. Amy Irving and Manky Patinkin co-star.

Disc Information

Disc 1:
**Theatrical Cut (Widescreen Feature)
**Director's Extended Cut (Widescreen Feature) with added scenes from Barbra's Archives

**In 1983, I was told the film had to be no more than two hours long. I was grateful when the studio allowed me to have another fourteen minutes. But it would have been nice to have these additional scenes included. So here they are. Barbra

**An Introduction by Barbra Streisand
**Commetary with Barbra Streisand and Rusty Lemorande
**Deleted Scenes

Disc 2:

**Special Features with Materials from Barbra's Archives
**An Introduction by Barbra Streisand
**The Director's Reel
**The Rehearsal Process with Materials from Barbra's Archives
*An Introduction by Barbra Streisand
*Where is it Written? Original Rehearsal Concept
*Where is it Written? Rehearsal/Feature Comparison
*No Wonder - Reprise Pre-Rehearsal/Feature Comparison
*Tomorrow Night Pre-Rehearsal Concept
*Tomorrow Night Pre-Rehearsal/Feature Comparison
*Will Someone Ever Look at Me That Way? Rehearsal/Feature Comparison

**The Moon and I Deleted Song Storyboard Sequence
**Several Sins a Day Deleted Song Storyboard Sequence
**Barbra's 8mm Concept Film (Play with Narration / Play without Narration)
**My Wonderful Cast and Crew
**Production Stills Gallery
**Portraits Stills Gallery
**Behind the Scenes Stills Gallery
**The Recording Studio Stills Gallery
**Teaser Trailer
**Theatrical Trail

Cast & Crew

Barbra Streisand ... Yentl/Anshel
Mandy Patinkin ... Avigdor
Amy Irving ... Hadass
Nehemiah Persoff ... Papa
Steven Hill ... Reb Alter Vishkower
Alan Corduner ... Shimmele
Ruth Goring ... Esther Rachel